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Self install. Save money. Take charge.

The Smart Splitter plugs directly into most 240-volt outlets including your 24 Amp NEMA 10-30 dryer/appliance outlet. Save thousands by sharing your dryer outlet with your EV and avoid panel upgrades, permits, and rewiring. You've got it covered, but we're here if you need us.

The Smart Splitter has been thoroughly tested and certified for electrical safety by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the global leader in tech safety. World-class safety to ensure you and your family feel comfortable and confident with EV charging at home.

The Smart Splitter automatically switches between your dryer and EV so you don’t have to. Your EV instantly begins charging once your dryer cycle is done. Provides dynamic LED lights for charging, power, and connectivity status.

Compatible with common Level 2, 240-volt outlets and supports max 24 Amp NEC safe charging rates. The Smart Splitter comes equipped with the NEMA 10-30 plug and NEMA 10-30 outlets on each side.

Plug into your existing dryer outlet in minutes to set up charging at home. Tap into simple and effortless home EV charging access.

A few brands we're compatible with

Easily share your existing 240V outlet with any high power appliance and your EV

The Smart Splitter saves you money by allowing you to share your existing 240V outlet. Save money by avoiding panel upgrades and rewiring with the only UL safety certified Smart Splitter.

  • Avoid panel upgrades and expensive rewiring
  • UL Certified, world class safety
  • Self installable in minutes
  • Auto switching for circuit protection
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What Our Customers
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  • "If you have only 1 240V outlet it will cost a lot to install another. The Smart Splitter will let you plug in 2 EVs without installing another outlet and will charge both overnight."

    Young Jheon

    Tactical Expedition

  • I didn't want to get a separate outlet installed because it's really expensive and a lot of labor. With the Smart Splitter, I'm able to plug both my dryer and Tesla charger into one 240 volt outlet.

    Matt Lara

    Music Producer & YouTuber


  • How does the Smart Splitter work?
  • If your 240V outlet isn't close to the location you charge your car from, you have a few options: 1.) Use an extension cord 2.) Use a wall passthrough kit to run the cord through a wall and into the garage/outside where the car is 3.) Have an electrician install a conduit from the outlet to your charging location For more detailed information, please read the this article.

  • My 240V outlet isn't near the location I charge my car
  • Answer.

  • What's the difference between the different "Levels" of charging?
  • Answer.

  • Why is a basic Y splitter unsafe?
  • Answer.

  • How can the Smart Splitter save me $$$ over expensive panel upgrades?
  • Answer.

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