• Safe/Reliable For Your Home and EV

    The NeoCharge Smart Splitter is designed and tested to be safe and reliable. It’s the only UL* safety certified Smart Splitter, has an internal software breaker to protect your home/EV, and adheres to all NEC power ratings. 

    *UL certificate E507438 issued 11/15/2019

  • Dual Charging

    Charge both of your EVs at the same time! By adjusting the amperage in your EV or EV charger, you can charge simultaneously. For example, in your EVs, you can adjust charging rates to 20A to charge both cars at the same time.

  • Effortless Installation

    Self-installable in minutes, no rewiring needed. Plugs directly into your 240V outlet and comes with mounting accessories to keep your Smart Splitter secured.

  • Up to 7x Faster Charging

    Charging with a regular 120V outlet is just too slow for most EV drivers. Get easy access to Level 2 charging speeds, without the hassle of expensive installations, and wake up with the full battery you deserve. 120V = 3-4mph; 240V = 30mph charge

  • Smart Auto-Switching

    The Smart Splitter automatically switches between your dryer and EV(s) so you don’t have to. Your EV instantly begins charging once your dryer cycle is done.

  • Works with Any EV

    The Smart Splitter provides charging access for any EV. It’s compatible with most common NEMA outlets and has been tested with all top-selling models: Tesla, Ford Mach-E, Rivian, Audi E-Tron, Nissan Leaf, and many more.

  • Dedication to Sustainability

    As a 1% for the Planet Member, we donate 1% of all purchases to support the environment. Our packaging is recyclable and certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) to ensure the raw materials come from responsible sources.

  • Rebate Eligible

    Widely eligible for utility rebates and other incentives, including the renewed U.S. federal tax credit for 30% of EV charger and installation cost, up to $1000.

  • Compact Design, Easy Charging Access

    240V, Level 2 charging access with no cords and in an incredibly small size. Great for renters and homeowners who aren’t able to make changes to their homes and easy to take with you if you move.